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Star Map for Umlac’s Legacy

I am delighted to share with you a star map for Umlac’s Legacy, the second book in the Entangled Galactic Empires Series, which began with Enemy Immortal. The publication date for Umlac’s Legacy will be announced soon, and as you can see from the scope of the map, Umlac’s Legacy plays out over a lot more star systems than its predecessor! If you enjoyed the action in Enemy Immortal, you will love Umlac’s Legacy.

In the simplest of terms, our protagonist, Jade Mahelona, starts out on Elliquor and has to get to Earth. The problem is, only the Quillip links between the red planets of the evil empire can get her there. And, yeah, that is a problem…

SciFutures – Blending Futurology and Science Fiction

I am excited to have become a freelance writer contributing to SciFutures.

Most people know (or think they know) what science fiction is. But what is futurology and what on earth is SciFutures?

Usually, science fiction is about science gone wrong. This makes exciting adventures, and arguably posts warning signs for potholes in the road ahead. But don’t we also want a map for where the road is going? That is where futurology comes in, by considering what is likely, or possible and within our scope of control.

SciFutures is a company where freelance writers such as yours truly do their best to come up with desirable scenarios and stories for the future in a given industry (or direction on the map, to extend the analogy above.) We aren’t doing the hard work of figuring out where technology is going, but we are listening to the experts and turning their ideas into stories for general consumption.

Well, that’s my take on it anyway. SciFutures describes what they do as “science fiction prototyping.”  If you want to know more, you can check out their website here.